KIICSS Hosting Solutions is the most reasonable choice for you because:

  • We have a diverse, certified technical staff that know the application and can support its IT infrastructure for you.

  • We developed the application you’re running your business with, so we know how to maintain it, support it, and make it grow with you.

  • Your investment is extremely safe along with our secure private cloud hosting platform.

  • Keeping us as your disaster recovery site provides business continuity.

24/7 Up time:

Hardware or network components can fail at the most inopportune times, creating havoc with customers and unplanned expenses for you. KIICSS Hosting Solutions is a sure way to avoid such disasters. We back-up your data in a cost-effective manner and are able to restore it quickly if needed. Your servers are located in a secured portion of a Storage Area Network (SAN) in our data center, allowing for quick data transfer to a back-up device, and a quick restore.


We realize that handing over your highly classified and confidential data to the KIICSS Hosting Solutions team requires a great deal of trust. You can rest secure in the knowledge that we take great pains to safeguard your data. Our data center employs first-rate security that is manned around the clock. We use only proven network security devices and methods to protect your application from unauthorized penetration and to ensure that your data remains secure. We provide you with access via high-protocol firewall rules and VPN tunnels that use reliable encryption to transmit data from your site to ours.


The KIICSS Hosting Solutions team does all of the accountability for you. By adhering to change management procedures we’ve put in place that keep you up-to-date on your hosting environment, we keep you informed of any planned changes, and we make them subject to your approval. We remain fully accountable to you through detailed reports that are issued for any incidents that might occur, as well as a monthly summary of all activity affecting you.


As your business grows, the demands on your IT environment will grow as well. Performance and availability can suffer if the solution you use does not grow with your business. What often happens is that businesses learn to work around hardware they have outgrown, but it always has a negative impact on productivity. The KIICSS Hosting Solutions team has the expertise you need to spot the early signs that your hardware needs an upgrade. We continually review key performance indicators and can propose the best solution to meet both your short-term and long-term growth needs.

Cost Assessment:

Being hosted at a data center is a very cost-effective practice. Otherwise costly infrastructure expenses are made more affordable because they are divided between the individual clients on-site, while those individual clients benefit from the infrastructure as a whole. Bandwidth, usually available at a premium over Wide Area Network (WAN) links, is much less expensive because the data center is connected to an Internet backbone via a Local Area Network (LAN) connection. KIICSS housing solution houses numerous customers in its own data center, complete with network, server and storage gear, in a location that is directly connected to the Internet with minimal cost and complexity, and with duplication and redundancies already in place.

Maintenance & Upgrade:

KIICSS Hosting Solutions assumes responsibility for the IT infrastructure at the hosted site. This includes monitoring, maintenance, upgrading and changes to your applications, database, operating system (OS), additional software on the servers, hardware components of the servers, switches, firewalls and cabling. This upkeep requires technical expertise, time and attention to detail. The KIICSS Hosting Solutions team knows how to optimize your environment because they work with it every day. Tasks include, checking logs, proactively responding to system and application messages, as needed, monitoring CPU performance, monitoring memory usage to ensure you have enough resources tracking software processes to guarantee everything is working confirming physical environment stability (temperature, electrical requirements, etc.)

Let us know

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